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Specialists in Creative Horticultural Packaging. North America's finest line of packaged nursery stock. Quality plants combined with the industry's best packaging insure maximum sell through, long shelf life and complete customer satisfaction. Featuring Sub Zero Roses, a complete line of berries and grapes, perennials, edible vegetables and flowering shrubs and vines.

Founded in 1961, Garden Galleries celebrates their 50th year supplying retailers with innovative packaged plants. The most popular varieties, the most informative packaging and the best graphics all help retailers achieve high profit margins with no in store care required.  Sell through is assured with the long shelf life provided by our time proven packaging method, which puts the plants in the best horticultural environment.

This is the way for Supermarkets, Hardware Stores, Drug Stores, Warehouse Clubs, Variety Stores and others to increase spring SALES and PROFITS.

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